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Stop Going Into Each Month With an Empty Calendar!

Let me help You Fill Your Calendar up! 

Join The 5-Day Live Bingo Boot Camp today and learn How to FILL YOUR CALENDAR with Parties Consistently!

Here is what you can expect to learn inside this incredibly valuable training:

  • ​Day 1: What is Live Bingo & How I Built My Business with BINGO
  • Day 2: Hype And Set Up Your Booking Game- Step by Step
  • Day 3: How to Host A Bomb Live Bingo Booking Game
  • Day 4: Hostess Coach To Success With Live Bingo
  • Day 5: Let's Put It All Together- #DOTHETHING w/ Live Q&A

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why i created the 5-day Live Bingo Bootcamp

have you ever thought to yourself...

No one wants to book a party anymore...
I can't get anyone to commit to hosting...
I can't seem to get any momentum moving in my business...
People don't like to party online anymore...

Hi, my name is Janet Parks

And if you’re an independent consultant in a party based business who wants to have a FULL Calendar going into EVERY SINGLE MONTH...

Then this true story might be the most important thing you read all day...

"Doing This Has Made A World of difference in my business!"

"I started doing Live Bingo 2 years ago after watching your coaching about it— it has CONSISTENTLY helped me book parties! I have 3 mystery boxes for people to pick a color & give me a month to book a party- there have been very very few parties where I’ve not booked at least 1 future party but it’s usually 2-3! Thank you again!"

-Diana Lawless Taylor

Here's A Sneak Peek Of What You'll Get In This Boot Camp...

5-Day Live Bingo Boot Camp Facebook Group $147 VALUE

Get Access to the 5 Day Live Bingo Bootcamp Facebook Group.

Connect and collaborate with peers looking to fill their calendars with new clients and customers in the Facebook group to share your goals, get inspired by others, and find encouragement, motivation, advice, strategies, and results with like-minded individuals looking to get to the next level!

live video training $297 VALUE

Watch LIVE as Janet shares her ENTIRE Live Bingo Process from start to finish in the Facebook Group training LIVE at 8:30pm EST

If you’re able to attend the training live, she will answer your questions during each broadcast.

If you are not able to watch live, the replays of the training will be available through 6/30/21!
  • Day 1: Introduction to Bingo and the WHY!
  • Day 2: How to Hype Your Game And Get People to Show!
  • ​Day 3: All The Tricks to Prepare to Host Your Booking Game
  • ​Day 4: Hostess Coaching! How To Get Your Hostess Involved In The Game
  • ​Day 5: Live Commentary on One Of My REAL BINGO GAMES, where I booked 5 Parties INSIDE one of my OWN direct sales parties!

Printable Workbook With Daily Homework To Execute What You Learn $47 value

Instead of empty encouragement, Janet has put together a printable workbook to follow along her video trainings each day in the boot camp.

After she shares their strategies, you will be able to implement what they teach in your VIP Group AND Virtual Facebook Parties through her secrets to Hyping Up the Engagment, Attracting the RIGHT customers, and delivering an experience that helps your customers say YES!

So, If You Are Ready To Fill Your Calendar with new Bookings, Then The 5-Day Live Bingo Boot Camp Is For You...

You'll get all of this for just $491 $17 Today!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

is the 5-Day Live Bingo Boot Camp For you?

Have You Ever Felt Like...

  • ​There has to be an easier way to get people to commit to a party...
  • ​No one shows to your live games...
  • ​That if a potential host would just give you a chance...
  • ​That people only want free prizes with no contingencies...
  • ​No one is interested in direct sales parties...
  • ​You wished you weren't starting your new month with nothing on the calendar...
If you answered “yes,” to any of the above… Then the 5-Day Live Bingo Boot Camp was designed specifically for you.

I want to give you the tools and confidence you need to be able to go into every month with Parties ALREADY ON YOUR CALENDAR!.

The 5-day Live Bingo Boot Camp is designed to work even when...

  • You're New To Direct Sales
  • You're not comfortable yet with live video
  • If you have a small audience or network
  • You've never been consistent in your business
I’ve helped thousands of Party Based Independant Consultants like you book 2-8 Parties in a single live BINGO Game!

And do it in just a handful of hours once they get the tools and education I’m going to give you inside of the 5-Day Live Bingo Boot Camp

So I guarantee (an actual guarantee which I’ll share below) that I can do the same for you.

If This Is You, Then The 5-day Live Bingo Boot Camp Was Made For You!

what makes the 5-day Live Bingo Boot Camp different from other Direct sales programs?

There are some incredible Direct Sales coaches out there. However, most of what you'll find out there is all around mindset training, consistency and sharing.... Which I love and is equally important! However, mindset without actionable steps isn't effective.

The Biggest DIFFERENCE in my Live Bingo Boot Camp, is that you get REAL STEP by STEP ACTIONABLE training that teaches you how to get your mindset in place WHILE also implementing what you learn and putting it into action!

This is not a MINDSET FLUFF TRAINING! This is a strategic and tactical training that teaches you how to use this simple game to leverage your time and presence into NEW BUSINESS FOR YOU!

Join The 5-day Live Bingo Boot Camp In Confidence Thanks To My Money-Back Guarantee!  

If you attend all the training sessions and complete all the homework, but don't see the results that this can bring in your business, just send us an email to  before June 30th, 2021, and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

This training is powerful and I stand behind it 100% 😊 That's how confident I am in this boot camp. I'm not interested in making money unless you get are able to start booking parties with BINGO!

Here’s A Quick Reminder Of Everything You Get When You Join the 5-day Live Bingo Boot Camp today!

  • 5-Day Live Bingo Facebook Group ($147 Value)
  • Live Video Training With Janet Parks ($297 Value)
  • Printable Workbook With Daily Homework ($47 Value)

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions:

When will the boot camp start?
The Boot Camp starts 6/7/21 and will be hosted inside a private Facebook group. I will be LIVE each day at 8:30pm EST in the group.
How much time do I need for this? 
The beauty of an online course is you can go through all the training on your own time. But if you want to attend the trainings live and ask me questions during the Q/A session, it’s about a an hour and a half commitment each day for 5 days. There will be daily homework to complete, to implement and build upon what you are learning each day, and that could take around 20-30 minutes each as well.

The goal of this boot camp is to equip you with ability to plan, hype and run an effective Live booking game after the boot camp is over. But the more time you invest in yourself, the more you'll be able to gain out of your boot camp experience and ultimately be able to fill your calendar up!
Will showing up to the live trainings be beneficial for me?  
Absolutely! But I understand that life can get a little crazy at times, so I made this as easy for you as possible. If you can’t be there live, you can catch the replay that will be available in the Facebook group through 6/30/21. Post ALL your questions in the #question area, and I'll answer them during my live streams.
Janet, what if I have a question I need your help during the boot camp?   
Great question! Just search for #question inside the Facebook Group and post your question there. I will review those during the live streams. No question is a dumb question!
What’s your refund policy?  
If you attend all the training sessions and complete all the homework, but do not get a NEW result with your Live Booking Games, just send us an email before June 30th, 2021, and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

This training is powerful and I stand behind it 100% 😊 That's how confident I am in this boot camp. I'm not interested in making money unless you get are able to start booking parties using this amazing booking game!

Have more questions?

Reach out to the Solutions for Sellers team directly at if you have more questions!

Filling up Your Calendar with new Parties can be hard... It takes work.

But I guarantee that you can add more parties onto your calendar way easier and in a lot less time than you realize... 

A lot of direct sales consultants believe the lie that no one wants to book a party anymore or that no one will say YES when presented with an opportunity.

So year after year they continue to do the same thing, hoping a family member will help them stay active. Or feel like they have to continue to buy products themselves to stay active. 

They miss out on countless new hostesses until unfortunately, it becomes too late.

If you’re reading this right now, I hope that today is the day you decide to take action.

This 5-Day Live Bingo Boot Camp is exactly what I wished I had when I first joined my direct sales company, and it is the absolute most affordable, value-packed and supportive training you’ll find anywhere.

So if you want to...

-Learn how this simple game will get your customers to say YES! to you...
-Never go into another month without a party on your calendar...
-And have the tools to book 2-4 parties INSIDE each party...

Then click the “Join Now” button below now to join us on June 7th, 2021!

When you do, you’ll unlock a completely new path to building your business into a sustainable income!

We guarantee it…💗

- Janet Parks

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